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Pubic Entity Insurance – What to Consider

Public Entity Insurance

The best way to protect your organization is to carry Public Entity Insurance. It is especially important for government entities, as it helps them maintain a high standard of accountability. In addition to liability coverage, public entities also need other types of coverage, such as umbrella and excess liability. These types of policies offer higher limits of liability and are a great option for any organization. However, it is imperative that you discuss the details of these plans with your risk manager and attorney to ensure that you are protected adequately.

Public Entity Insurance is a type of insurance that covers public entities for property and liability losses. This type of policy covers losses and expenses incurred by all subscribers. The policy also covers reinsurance. If your public entity is unable to pay for the coverage, you don’t have to worry about the loss. You can obtain Public Entity Insurance through an independent agent. There are several ways to get this type of insurance, and you may not need it.

Another option is to get coverage from a specialist. The best options will cover a variety of different types of claims. This type of insurance will provide the coverage you need for legal costs. In addition to liability, public entity management insurance (PEML) will also protect against claims made by employees of the public entity. Some insurers offer blended insurance policies that combine PEML limits with EPL limits to maximize coverage. Generally, EPL claims are the most common and severe, so the policy limits will be exhausted quickly.

Public entity management liability insurance will cover wrongful acts committed by the public entity. The policy limits are much higher than for the combined PEML and EPL limits. A combined PEML policy will provide the same coverage for a more complete package.

As public liability insurance is an essential part of any business, it is important to protect all of your assets. A public liability insurance policy can help you avoid lawsuits from other businesses or the public. Choosing a policy will protect your assets in the event of a natural disaster or other incident. If you need to protect yourself against a legal claim, PLI is the best option for you. In addition, GLI policies can protect the assets of your business against any lawsuits.

Coverage Highlights


  • Dedicated and experienced public entity underwriters
  • Seamless program and coverage
  • Specialized public entity claims and loss prevention expertise, complementing self-administration or third party administration
  • Flexible program design and collaborative servicing capabilities


  • Public entity is defined as political subdivisions, agencies and authorities, public and private schools (K-12), and colleges
Combined liability/professional liability retained limit and follow form excess coverages, with various limits for:
  • General liability, including law enforcement liability
  • Automobile liability
  • Public officials liability or school board liability, including Employment Practices Liability
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Miscellaneous professional liability
Potential companion coverage, with various limits and attachments for
  • Accident & Health, including student accident
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Builders’ Risk, Bridges and Tunnels
  • Construction
  • Environmental Liability
  • Excess Workers Compensation
  • Kidnap & Ransom, including Child Abduction
  • Privacy and Network Security Liability
  • Property