About Us

Our Story

Brandon Hild, founder of H&H Risk Partners has been in the insurance industry for over twenty years and has built his foundation of insurance knowledge through the influences of his lovely mother, the late Mrs. Debra Suzanne Hild (1958-2013). Suzanne Hild worked under James K. Ruble (1923-1996) for much of her career, Mr. Ruble who was a co-founder of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) of The National Alliance and was a pioneer with continuing education and whose legacy still lives on through seminars today.

Mr. Hild is well recognized in his industry for his leadership in cultivating and maintaining lasting relationships along with a vast knowledge of insurance literacy. Through his process of business acumen, he can identify his client’s specific needs and structure solutions unique to their company or to an individual. The goal is to help mitigate risk and ensure proper protection with the use of insurance products. H&H Risk Partners is a full-service insurance agency backed by top insurance giants for all his client’s product solution needs.

Our Mission

     “Is to offer clients options for business insurance and contractual needs through expert analysis of risk, unique to their industry and provide solutions for assets management”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to excel as an insurance agency leader by providing our clients with in-depth expertise and aligning them with innovative solutions tailormade to protect their assets and give them value beyond stated amounts of coverage.

Our Values

• Accountability: We are passionate about being responsible to our clients’ needs and expectations
• Collaboration: We value the teamwork and accountability of a group of people moving towards a common goal
• Innovation: We explore new and better ways to improve services and processes through constant review, measurement, and action
• Reliability: We have a commitment to building partnerships by being consistent and trustworthy
• Results: We act with a sense of urgency and deliver on our promises

Our Competitive Edge

We work with our clients to examine their needs to reduce any risk exposure they are facing by using a qualitative and quantitative approach. We understand how coverage applies and focus on contractual
risk transfer through the products of insurance to ensure the protection of our client’s assets.


Brandon Hild

Founder & President