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The Importance of Janitorial Services Insurance

Janitorial Services Insurance

It is vital to have adequate insurance coverage for your Janitorial Services business. For example, if your equipment malfunctions and damages a wall, you are liable for any damage caused to that wall. Additionally, most policies do not cover intentional acts of destruction. This means that your personal assets are not covered. Purchasing a policy that covers these types of damages will be a good investment. Read on to learn more about this type of insurance.

While a janitorial company does not operate in a vacuum cleaner or an air-conditioning unit, it is essential that you protect your employees. Workers compensation insurance covers the medical expenses of any employee who gets hurt on the job. If you want to make sure you’re protected, a janitorial company must be bonded. A bond is like a guarantee. If an employee causes damage to the business premises, the insurer will pay for it.

The insurance plan for Janitorial businesses should also cover the injuries or damages to customers. A janitorial liability policy protects you from losses and damage arising from employee mistakes. Depending on your industry, you might want to consider additional types of coverage, such as cyber-liability or workers’ compensation. Your janitorial insurance will be helpful in case a customer or employee gets injured while working for you. It is vital to remember that liability insurance may be excluded from your policy, so you should ask about it before purchasing a plan.

The cost of janitorial insurance varies depending on the size of your company and the number of employees you employ. However, the cost of janitorial insurance will be higher if you have a large commercial contract or are working in an industry with high risk. Your costs will be lower if you have a small housekeeping business, but you should still purchase business auto insurance for your employees’ vehicles. The latter type will be more expensive if your employees use their personal vehicles for work.

The cost of janitorial insurance will vary depending on the location of your business. The cost of general liability insurance for a small business can be lower than for a large one. If you are doing a lot of work for clients in your building, you must insure it. Besides, the damage caused by the employees is your responsibility. Your policy should cover these damages and help you stay in business. This is why your janitorial services must be insured.

A janitorial service’s exposure can range from accounts receivable to valuable papers and records. Depending on your clientele, you can also choose a policy that protects your business from such losses. The best suited insurance coverage will be the one that cover the janitorial service, but it is important to make sure you take the time to get the right coverage for your business. It will protect your customers and employees from loss of property.