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Types of Pest Control Insurance


While a general liability policy may be sufficient for a small pest control business, more coverage is needed. Care, custody, and/or control liability insurance protect the business from the costs of damage or liability incurred due to improper handling of chemicals or products. While it’s difficult to avoid mistakes and accidents, mistakes do happen. This type of insurance covers the costs of ensuring that all chemicals are properly stored for future use.

In addition to property damage, insurance for a pest control company must protect its assets from liability claims. A single mistake can cause severe injury or illness, and damage thousands of dollars’ worth of property. Without adequate coverage, a company can suffer substantial financial loss or lose its entire business. To mitigate this risk, a comprehensive insurance program is critical for protecting a pest control company’s assets. Here are some examples of common types of Pest Control Insurance:

Property-damage coverage provides protection for a pest control company’s workers. Since technicians are required to crawl through attics and crawl spaces, the risk of causing damage is high. Inappropriate extermination methods can lead to disease and property damages, so this type of insurance can cover those unintended consequences. In addition to liability coverage, a general liability plan provides financial protection against lawsuits that result from accidents, or pollution events.

Pest control insurance also provides coverage for premises liability. In the event of an accident, a business owner can be sued for negligence or mishandling. The insurance covers damages and medical expenses incurred due to a property damage incident. For example, a fumigated home can stain furniture and walls, and that would not be covered under a general liability policy. Therefore, care, custody, and control coverage can be a great way to protect your business from any unforeseen disasters.

In addition to professional liability coverage, pest control insurance coverage can also include coverage for other risks a company may encounter. This type of coverage can cover losses or property damage that result from crop spraying operations. In addition to professional liability insurance, pest control policies can also cover any equipment that is used in the business. Additionally, many states also offer commercial auto insurance for these businesses. It’s important to understand that these businesses are constantly facing unique risks, which is why they need to purchase customized insurance for them.

In addition to general liability insurance, pest control insurance also offers additional protection for your business against damages due to a customer lawsuit. If you need more coverage than a standard liability policy, consider purchasing an insurance plan designed specifically for the industry. Then, you can continue to add to your insurance coverage as your business grows. You should never be underinsured for pest control services. The right protection for your company’s assets is essential for the success of any business.