From the Eagle Ford to the Permian basin and beyond our dedicated and experienced agents are ready to help protect your team.
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The logging and forestry industry is built from hard work, which is why we believe in working hard to protect you and your team.
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Every day thousands of miles are driven by commercial vehicles. Keep them safe with the highest quality of protection from our team of experienced professionals.
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Our Approach

Collaborative & Holistic

Our passion is to ensure your protection of assets and future prosperity.  At H&H Risk Partners, we leverage our experience and our resources to understand your goals and concerns.  Our job is to evaluate and identify your potential risk on a macro and micro economic level, and we are committed to finding insurance solutions to help you mitigate risk and minimize any liability exposures.



At H&H Risk Partners we offer a wide spectrum of comprehensive service coverage to save you money, time.

Different wholesalers and carriers provide better service, more coverage and/or better cost.

We understand your business’ needs, and a comprehensive (blended) selection of insurance products to keep your business on its feet.

5 Simple Steps for Insurance Coverage

In today’s busy world we know time is a valuable commodity and you know how important it is to be properly insured to hedge against the life’s what if’s or unknown’s. So, that’s why we have made it simple and convenient.

Schedule a consultation with an advisor

Gather basic information to assess & analyze

Let us compare our markets and evaluate options

Choose your insurance coverage & select your payment options

Get insured, it's that easy!​

"Let’s Talk Strategy"

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

these are just a few of our carriers & wholesalers

Coverages We Offer

Our Competitive Edge

We work with our clients to examine their needs to reduce any risk exposure they are facing by using a qualitative and quantitative approach. We understand how coverage applies and focus on contractual risk transfer through the products of insurance to ensure the protection of our client’s assets.

"We are committed to your protection & future prosperity"

— Brandon Hild

Founder & President